Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop will re-open on: Monday 25 May 2020

PLEASE NOTE: Owing to the COVID-19, students can wear either winter or summer uniform, when they return in Term 2.

  • Re-opens from MONDAY 25 May and will resume our regular trading hours whilst respecting social distancing and hygiene practices.
  • Open on SATURDAY 30 May from 9am to 12 Noon.
  • Also Open (as per regular trading hours on first Saturday of Month) on SATURDAY 6 June from 9am to 12 Noon

Email ordering is recommended if you know what you want and in what size. Orders can be made via the St Bede’s Website (see link below). Pickup will available from beginning of trading on Monday and Thursday afternoons by yourself or your son. Because we are on the School property your son may come in any time during our trading hours ie lunch break or after school. Upon request, orders can be sent the school office for pickup.

For students who need to be fitted we will be serving with respect to distancing which means 2 students at a time with 1 parent each. This will have an affect on waiting times.

We look forward to serving the St Bede’s Community.

Contact Details:

Phone: 9582 5788
Email: uniform.shop@stbedes.catholic.edu.au
Manager: Sally Waltzer

Regular Trading Hours:

MONDAYS:         1:15pm to 5:30pm
THURSDAYS:     1:15pm to 5:30pm
SATURDAYS:      9:00am to 12:00 Noon (on the first Saturday of the Month only)




When to Wear Summer / Winter Uniform

  • Term 1 and 4: Students have the option to wear their summer uniform, but can wear their winter uniform.
  • Term 2 and 3: Winter Uniform

Summer and Winter uniforms are NOT interchangeable.

The Uniform Shop is located on College grounds on the corner of Palermo Street and Naples Road.

View the Student Uniform Policy

Second-hand Uniform Trading

 Second-hand uniform is available for purchase from the Uniform Shop. The prices vary according to the quality of the item but tend to be around half the price of new items.  

To Sell Your Uniform

When you bring in your son’s uniform to sell you will need to complete the Second-hand Uniform Form. You can download the form below. We also have forms available in the Uniform Shop.

The price you can obtain for your uniform is usually from 50% of the original cost but is dependent upon the quality of the clothing. The Uniform Shop retains 15% of the sale to cover the costs involved with the running of the Second-hand Uniform area.

When your items are sold we will credit your Bank Account.

When you wish to sell your uniform, you are required to:

  • Complete the Second-hand Uniform Trading Form
  • Bring current style uniform in good condition
  • Launder all items
  • The blazer needs to be dry cleaned
Second-hand Uniform Trading Form