Materials Technology

At St Bede’s, we have excellent facilities to engage the students in the challenging and exciting world of Materials Technology.

Our facilities include a Laser Cutter, MDX router (CAD/CAM) which are used across all levels, metal and wood lathes, mills, spot and mig welders, metal forming apparatus, and vacuum former.

We have access to state of the art computer rooms in order to utilise up to date drawing packages and other programs necessary to produce high quality folios.

Year 8: A One Semester Experience

Students are introduced to Technology Materials in Year Eight. Students use appropriate materials such as wood metal and plastics to produce functional products. The course is designed to be hands on whist still ensuring students are meeting VELS requirements in Design, Creativity and Technology.

Year 9 and 10: Elective Units

One Semester – Preparation for VCE

In these units, students chose between metal, robotics and wood. Their projects are required to be functional and appealing. Products are design based and in accordance with the VELS domain of Design, Creativity and Technology. In as such, students experience investigating, designing producing and evaluating whilst working with a client or an end-user group in mind. Students are safely guided in the use of basic hand tools, and/or electronic components, through to more the more efficient and exciting equipment and machines.

The level of Technology offered in the middle school ensures that students are prepared for the VCE subjects of Product Design and Technology, and Systems Engineering.

VCE Product Design and Technology

Units 1 to 4

Students work as a designer producer.

Unit 1 and 2

Students work to design, make and evaluate a functional product in each unit. They work within parameters set by the VCE course, school and society. Students are encouraged to adopt a creative and innovative approach to designing.

Unit 3 and 4

Students concentrate on designing and producing a single product. They enjoy more freedom in regard to product choice.

As designers, they are expected to work with a client or for an end – user group. There is high expectation of quality in regard to both folio and product. Students are also expected to develop an exciting visual display of their completed product as well as produce a folio of all design, production and evaluation activities.

This is an excellent subject for students interested in design at the tertiary level, including Industrial Design, or students wishing to complete a trade in cabinet making, building or a metal trade.

VCE Systems Engineering

In Units 1 – 4 students work as a designer engineer, utilising engineering principles and practices to produce a functional product.

Unit 1 and 2

As well as learning electrical and mechanical principles, students work to design, make, and test products which apply and demonstrate such principles. The CAD/CAM and LAser Cutters are used extensively to design and develop 3D outcomes (products). These computer controlled machines interpret drawings and can machine a range of parts, including robot bodies and printed circuit boards.

Unit 3 and 4

Unit 3 and 4 students design, produce and test a single product. Their products must involve the integration of an electrical and mechanical system. The integration of mechanical and electrical/electronic allows students to develop a range of exciting and challenging products.

This is an excellent subject for students interested in tertiary studies in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering or undertaking an electrical or mechanical trade.