Mentone Campus

Our iconic Mentone Campus overlooking Port Phillip Bay is a place of welcome for all students in Years 7 to 12.

For 85 years, St Bede’s College has brought excellent academic, social, sporting and creative opportunities for all students, across Melbourne’s bayside and south-eastern suburbs.

Located on Beach Road in Mentone, this Campus offers the beloved ‘Beda’ experience where each student can grow and flourish across their secondary College experience.

Across the curriculum, we offer a broad scope of disciplines and subjects so learners can explore, identify and pursue their passion across many diverse learning pursuits.

“I remember when I started at St Bede’s College, wondering how my secondary schooling would unfold. I can honestly tell you that it has been far more than a fantastic education. For me, St Bede’s has been the perfect fit and I’m very fortunate to have found the school for me.

There are opportunities galore, whether you’re interested in sport, music, theatre productions, public speaking, debating, IT, and many more. I recommend putting your hand up for as many things as you can…getting involved in extracurricular activities is fulfilling and further enriches our school days.

Being part of this College Community has meant belonging, being accepted for individuality, being given opportunities to excel in chosen fields, and knowing that I am part of this Beda family for life. I hope that you also get to find your perfect fit here at St Bede’s.”  Tom Gregory, College Vice Captain 2024

“From auditions through to closing night, I have loved every minute of our College Production, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We performed five shows in a row, which was equally exhausting and exhilarating! My favourite part was when my character received laughter from the audience. Acting is one of my favourite things to do and being on the stage at the start of my high school journey has been incredible. I love that I got to work with people across all year levels, and even people from other schools. I encourage you to audition next year for the St Bede’s production. It is a very rewarding experience!” Henry Belton, Year 7

“I’ve had the chance to be part of some amazing groups, like ELeaders, Lasallian Youth Leaders, and One Beda. In ELeaders, I got to connect with students from different years who shared my interests. Lasallian Youth Leaders gave us a platform to stand up for issues we’re passionate about, like social justice and the environment. And with One Beda, we focused on making our school a welcoming place for everyone. I’m so grateful for the friendships and opportunities these groups have brought.

Embrace every opportunity, say ‘yes’, seek knowledge beyond textbooks, and dare to tread uncharted territories. Every challenge is an opportunity in disguise, and every setback a lesson that shapes us. Uphold the torch of perseverance and Beda Spirit, for it is these virtues that will light your path even in the darkest of times.” Asher Humphrey, College Vice Captain 2023


Getting to St Bede’s College Mentone Campus 

Our Mentone Campus is very well serviced by trains on the Frankston Line
Students alight at Mentone Station, then walk to school or catch the Mordialloc bus outside the station
This bus drops students at the front of St Bede’s College

If you’re riding a bike to school, be sure to secure it with a sturdy bike lock in the allocated bike cages.
Stay safer by wearing a helmet and don’t wear headphones while riding.

812 to Dingley
AM – Travels from Dandenong, Springvale, Keysborough and Dingley via Lower Dandenong Road to St Bede’s College
PM – Travels to Keysborough at approximately 3:35 pm (Travels to Dandenong)

811 to Dandenong
PM – Arrives at Dingley at approximately 3:20 pm
Express to Howard Road and 5 Ways (Springvale Road)
Arrives at Dingley/Springvale at approximately 3:40 pm. Picks up at other schools

903 to Altona
AM – Travels Warrigal Road to Mentone or Mordialloc
PM – From St Bede’s – 3:20 pm and 3:35 pm

822 to Sandringham
AM – Departs approximately 7.29am and travels to St Bede’s College
PM – Travels to Sandringham Station at approximately 3.48pm

There are designated pick up and drop off areas along Dixon Street and Palermo Street.
As these are high traffic areas, we suggest arranging an alternate pick up and drop area along another nearby street.
Please note that the College grounds are specified for staff parking only.


Mentone Campus
Address 2 Mentone Parade
Mentone 3194
(Please enter via Dixon Street – Gate 1)
Phone +61 3 9582 5999


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