*POSTPONEMENT* of Mission Action Day on FRIDAY 20 MARCH 2020

Please read this message from the College.  Due to the current situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19), Mission Action Day (MAD), that was supposed to take place this Friday March 20, has been postponed.

While it is a very unfavourable result, particularly for those students and staff who were so heavily invested in the planning of the day, it is important to remember that whilst it would have been so enjoyable to celebrate as a College community, the safety and wellbeing of all of us is the biggest priority.

We must remember that these are just rides and activities. What has always been and will continue to be at the centre of our MAD program, is helping poor communities, and this mission does not change, even if the day to celebrate does not go ahead.

Some of a Beda Boy’s fondest memories are of Mission Action Day and although it may be disappointing for us all, what would be more disappointing would be if this was used as a reason to stop fundraising and donating.

Projects in Thailand, India, Papua New Guinea and Indigenous Australia will go ahead regardless if Mission Action Day is postponed or if our students are unable to travel to these areas. Perhaps more so, these communities require even more funds so that they can hire local people to complete the tasks our boys would’ve.

Therefore, it is so important that we still continue to try our very hardest to reach our target of $65 a family because these people still rely on that money for an education, a home, safety and survival each year, and as a College, we will all work together to ensure that we can fulfil that promise again in 2020.

We’ve seen some incredible efforts from some boys and homerooms/tutor groups and we encourage you all to continue donating as the year continues.

We’d sincerely like to thank you for all your efforts so far and we hope you can try your best to do your part in what is a very challenging and unexpected time for not just ourselves, but everyone around the world.



Mission Action Day (MAD) is fast approaching (Friday 20th March 2020) so students should be seeking donations from family, friends, sporting and community groups to raise money for Lasallian communities in need in Thailand, India, Papua New Guinea, and Indigenous communities in Balgo, Western Australia.

Online Payments can be made through EFT or through our payment portal:

EFT: BSB: 063-144 ACC: 10387289
Description: MAD Joe Bloggs 7.7 (Please enter the name of the student you’re supporting, or just MAD if you’re making a general donation)



Here is a short video explaining the importance of funds raised for Mission Action Day and where the money goes. It features students and staff who have taken part in our Outreach Program trips to Sangklaburi Thailand, and Tamil Nadu India.