Languages Other Than English

There are 2 LOTE’s offered at St Bede’s College, Indonesian and Italian.

Both LOTE’s are offered up to VCE level. The key skills gained in language learning for effective communication are reading, writing, listening and speaking. Moving on from traditional language learning, St Bede’s College offers its language students:

  • A broad generic sequence curriculum, which encourages students to make connections in their Communication and Understanding.
  • The opportunity to extend on the various functions of ICT in the LOTE class.
  • Total language immersion and in-country opportunities for those students studying a LOTE in Years 9-12.
  • Extend on persuasive, analytical, evaluative and informative skills.

LOTE in Years 7 and 8

Language learning is a compulsory part of the curriculum in Years 7 and 8. Students complete Year 7 having studied one semester of Italian and one semester of Indonesian. Students then have the opportunity to choose which LOTE to continue with for the entire year in Year 8. They are able to continue with either their Italian or Indonesian studies. All LOTE courses assume no previous knowledge of the language. All language courses at this level:

  • Allow for students to experience the difference between learning an Asian language and a European language.
  • Encourage students to discover their preferred method of learning using various learning tools.
  • Promote students to think globally.

Middle School LOTE

Language courses at this level are not compulsory, however, they are recommended for those wishing to continue with VCE LOTE. A more hands-on approach is used at this level to allow for students to build on and strengthen their confidence when communicating in the LOTE. The nature of assessment tasks in middle school LOTE are modelled around those at VCE level.


Students that demonstrate strength in language learning are encouraged to pursue LOTE at VCE level. The course contributes to the overall education of students, particularly in the area of communication, cross-cultural understanding, cognitive development, literacy and general knowledge. The LOTE courses at VCE level adhere to the prescribed themes of the individual, the LOTE-speaking communities and the changing world. The scope of tasks at this level allow for students to prepare for the externally assessed written and oral LOTE exams.

In-country Excursions

Students that are enrolled in a LOTE in Years 9-12 have the opportunity to participate in travel to the language specific country. Indonesian students travel to Indonesia and Italian students travel to Italy. All tours encourage students to enhance their language skills and cultural appreciation. These tours provide students with invaluable experiences and equip them with knowledge and cultural understanding that cannot be learnt in the classroom.