Congratulations to the Class of 2019

2019 VCE Results:

You would be aware that the VCE results for 2019 have been released. St Bede’s exists for the students. We endeavour to give every young man the opportunity to succeed. We often say to our young men that success comes in many forms. Some schools may look to the release of the VCE results and make a judgement on success based on those figures, others may look to income and growth, while another set of schools may consider recently completed building initiatives as a vital sign.

Among the High Achievers is our Dux, Lachlan Lamble, who scored 98.45. The Proximate Dux was Martin Measic with 98.35.

Name Achievement

Lachlan LAMBLE

2019 College Dux – 98.45

Lachlan Lamble – 2019 Dux


Proximate Dux – 98.35

Martin Measic – 2019 Proximate Dux

Lachlan LAMBLE

Perfect Subject Score
for Physical Education

Nicholas GRECH

Nicholas Grech – Perfect Subject Score for Health & Human Development

Ultimately, in a Catholic school enhanced by a Lasallian charism, we are rightly judged by the strength of our Community and the way in which we live out our Mission and Vision. Every boy has their own success story to tell.

There will be much publicity in the daily papers  about the scores from the VCE. St Bede’s College is proud to have a non-academic entry policy that allows a variety of talents and gifts to enrich our community.

Not all Year 12 students take up an academic pathway and a few decide to go ungraded for a variety of reasons. For those equally valued Year 12 students, success comes in many forms, including an apprenticeship, work placement or a non-scored VCE.

It is our hope that every student who undertakes Year 12 gains satisfaction borne out of hard work and perseverance. Personal success is the result of a supportive community and has many metaphorical parents.

The table below indicates those who achieved an ATAR of 90 or above. We congratulate them all:

First Name Surname ATAR Score
Lachlan Lamble 98.45
Martin Measic 98.35
Nicholas Grech 97.7
Sebastian Luppino 97.2
Dillon Bulman 96.9
Martin Buljat 96.35
Angus O’Toole 95.55
Daniel Perez 95.45
Nicholas Alexopoulos 95.3
Jeremy Mann 94.3
Lachlan Carter 93.3
Ethan Dunlea 93.25
Daniel Argentov 93
Patrick Kennedy 92.8
Max Moyano 92.8
Ryan Byrnes 92.65
Daniel Mullin 92.35
Benjamin Ngo 92.15
Andrew Courtney 92.05
Rhys Bennett 91.7
Liam Wilson 91.45
Marcus White 90.95
Daniel Passante 90.85
Joel Harrod 90.85
Matthew Keating 90.65
Jarrod Pearson 90.6
Jonathan Clark 90.2

Overall, 13% of students scored 90 or above, with 32% of students coring 80 or above.

Every student has his own story. We trust that all of our young men move on to the next phase of their life with a sense of hope and optimism.

John Finn