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The next Book Club Gathering for 2019 has been *POSTPONED* to:

DATE:         Tuesday 23 July 2019
                       Allowing you to read this insightful book
                      over the winter school holiday break.

TIME:         From 7pm to 8pm+

VENUE:     The Library (Once you enter the Library, the room where they meet is on the left with the lounges.)

BOOK:        “Teen Brain” by David Gillespie


The Parents & Friends Association invites all parents, carers and friends of the College to feel welcome to attend any or all of the Book Club gatherings.

If you would like to find out more, please contact the Parents & Friends Assocation by emaiiling them on


The book for the gathering on 18 June is a recently published non-fiction titled “Teen Brain” by David Gillespie.

From the Publisher, PanMacmillan Australia:

From Australia’s most trusted non-fiction researcher and author comes the book that every parent needs to read.

With their labile and rapidly developing brains, adolescents are particularly susceptible to addiction, and addiction leads to anxiety and depression. What few parents will know is that what we think of as the most typical addictions and problematic teen behaviours – smoking, drinking, drug-taking, sex leading to teenage pregnancy – are on the decline.

The bad news is that a whole raft of addictions has taken their place. Whereas once the dopamine-hungry brain of a teenager got its fix from smoking a joint or sculling a Bundy and coke, it is now turning to electronic devices for the pleasure jolt that typically comes from playing online games (if you’re a boy) and engaging with social media (if you’re a girl).

However, all is not lost. In Teen Brain, David sets out clear, reasonable and effective rules to help you confidently manage your kids’ use of screens at this critical point in their lives.



For the last 10 years, former lawyer and bestselling author David Gillespie has devoted himself to exposing forces in today’s society that work against our interests as consumers and citizens. Beginning with the Sweet Poison books he followed those up with Big Fat Lies and Toxic Oil. He then focused on education in Free Schools, before returning to the topic of nutrition in Eat Real Food and then the everyday psychopath in Taming Toxic People. Now David turns his attention to another endemic societal threat – the addictive impact of technology on our children.



  1. Tuesdays with Morrie – By Mitch AlbomNON-FICTION
  2. After – By Sue LawsonFICTION
  3. Five Parts Dead – By Tim PeglerFICTION
  4. Teen Brain – By David Gillespie – NON-FICTION




Meet at 9am at Gate 1 in Dixon Street, which is off Beach Road.

You are welcome to bring along prams, younger siblings and a dog on a lead.

You are advised to bring along money for coffee, as there is a 30 minute stop at the “Chain of Fools Cafe” in Beach Road Mentone.


Walking Dates for 2019 are:

Term Date Day
1 April 4 Thursday
2 May 21 Tuesday
3 September 13 Friday
4 Novembe 28 Thursday




The second  Movie Club Gathering for 2019 will be

“Hustle” on Friday 31 May 2019 @ 6:00pm *CONFIRMED TIME* – Meet at 5:40pm to purchase tickets

Welcome to the St Bede’s College …

Parents and Friends Movie Club


General Movie Club Information:

Village Cinemas Southland confirms their session times each Thursday.  Owing to this, movie sessions times will be confirmed on *NEWS*, on the Thursday before the P&F Movie Club is intending to see the movie.  TIP To easily check the confirmed P&F Movie Club from your mobile phone, it is recommended that you download the St Bede’s College App on the homepage and check News.


Please note that the Movie Club intends to hold a movie night no more than twice per term.  Unlike the P&F Book Club, the dates and times cannot be confirmed in advance because it depends when the P&F believe they have a worthwhile movie to see.


If you are keen to see the next movie, to join the Movie Club communication, you need to send an email with your name and mobile phone number to:  *COMING SOON*  Once this is done,you will receive confirmation  and you will be included in all P&F Movie Club communication.


The P&F aims to keep the movie screening time as close as possible to the regular set time for all College events, which is 7pm, but very late screening times that start well after 8pm will not be chosen.  Please note that the P&F will also try to vary future movie days and screening times to try and accommodate a variety of different needs.


Most movies will be at Village Southland.  However, Brighton Bay or Brighton Palace may also be designated.



  1. “Hotel Mumbai” on FRI 22 MARCH 2019
  2. “Hustle” on FRI 31 MAY 2019




Name of Movie – “Hustle”

Friday 31 May 2019


Currently @ 6:50pm – TO BE CONFIRMED but as close to 7pm as possible

(to purchase tickets together)

6:30pm – The big gold circle on the floor that is out of the front of Gold Class

*NOTE:  Please wear a royal blue ribbon on the night – Ribbon available from the front desk


Village Southland


$15 – $22 (see info on discount tickets above)


movie club trailer



Will be selected after the movie and will depend on what is still open and how many attend.



“Cinema Europa” movies are in “V Premium” Cinemas that incur a surcharge of $3 on top of the standard ticket price, but offer tables, comfortable seating, fully licensed drinks and catering.  You can purchase a meal or snack to have during the movie, as you can see from the menu below:





  1. “VPremium” Cinema has a $3 surcharge on top of your voucher or standard ticket price.


“Vpremium is a fresh take on cinema offering a dine-in, chill-out vibe for just a few dollars more. It’s the place to catch up with mates.  It’s relaxed but high quality. Vpremium steps it up from a traditional movie experience and becomes a place to hang out rather than just see a movie. It’s a little more impressive and makes any movie an occasion while still keeping it casual.


Fully licensed, the Vpremium experience features:

          • Cocktail, beer, wine & spirits menu
          • Intimate theatre
          • Extensive tasty hot food menu
          • Large and tall coupled seats with table
          • Aisle access for every set of seats
          • Vpremium app for in cinema ordering of food before the feature film”


To Join Village Cinemas:

Village Ticket Prices:  To check Village Cinemas Movie Ticket Prices click on the Price List below, which was received by Village Cinemas on 19 March 2019:





Cinema Vouchers are also available from Village Cinemas, RACV (@ Southland which closes at 5pm), Telstra, Optus and The MAD Day Fundraiser.  NOTE:  If you use vouchers, you need to add $3 extra for the VPrem price

For all P&F Movie Nights, tickets will be purchased 15 minutes before the movie is due to start.  To obtain your ticket with the rest of the group, please ensure that you meet at the *Meeting Place COMING SOON*  by no later than 15 minutes before the movie start time.
If you are running late and can’t arrive 15 minutes early, but believe you will make the movie  start time, you need to contact someone in the P&F  to purchase your ticket for you, but the purchase cost must be reimbursed.  NOTE:  If you arrive after the movie start time, your ticket will be left with the Cinema Europa Lounge Staff (at your own risk)  in an envelope with your name on it.