The welfare of students at St Bede’s College is paramount. Each boy is entitled to the opportunity to participate, learn and achieve his best. The pastoral care structure of the College aims to support students through their time at St Bede’s.


Years 7 – 9

Each student in Years 7–9 will have a Homeroom Teacher and Year Level Co-ordinator who work together to monitor the overall progress and development of students in their group.

While individual subject teachers are responsible for students in their classes and the boy’s academic progress in that particular subject, the structure of Years 7-9 is designed so that the Homeroom Teacher will usually teach the boys in their homeroom in at least one of his subjects, attend camps and assist with sport and co-curricular activities.

Years 10 – 12 Tutor System

Students in Years 10–12 are divided into four Houses operating under the care of four House Co-ordinators. The House system focuses on a vertical structure.

There are ten Tutor Groups in each House with a Tutor assigned to a group of students made up of these three year levels. The Tutor System is designed to provide students with access to the support of the Tutor and also the opportunity to learn from the experiences of other students within the group.

House Co-ordinator’s work in conjunction with their team of Tutors to ensure the students’ needs are met and progress monitored.

Care and Wellbeing

Students requiring specialised assistance have access to the College Wellbeing Centre. Two fully qualified, full-time Counsellors are available to all boys at St Bede’s College. They offer support and guidance to students and are able to provide ongoing support to those in sensitive or critical situations. Students may self-report to a Counsellor or may be referred by parents or Co-ordinators.

In addition to Homeroom teachers, Tutors, Co-ordinators and Counsellors may also take concerns to staff outside of their direct pastoral group. Students have access to two Deputy Principals for Student Management and Wellbeing, one assigned responsibility for Years 7–9, the other with responsibility for Years 10-12. All members of the College Community are bound by a common approach to pastoral care as detailed in the St Bede’s College Pastoral Care Policy.

View the St Bede's College Pastoral Care Policy

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