At St Bede’s College, we affirm the intrinsic worth of all students in our care.

  • We seek to foster a love of learning.
  • We see education as a means of broadening students’ minds and enriching the human experience.
  • We seek to send into the world young men with strong values, resilient characters and deep reserves of confidence.


General Principles

We ensure a breadth of curriculum which is aimed at the development of the academic, spiritual, social and physical dimensions of the student.

At St Bede’s College we offer a varied program designed to serve the mixed abilities and interests of the students and we recognise the diversity of skills required to meet the changing demands of society and the importance of the use of technology.

We see it as integral to the school’s mission to provide opportunities for all students to excel.

Specific to Students

St Bede’s College will provide the physical, social, emotional and virtual learning environments that enables each student to succeed to the best of their ability.

We promote and develop higher order thinking and provide a safe and supportive learning environment for all, where enquiry is encouraged and risk accepted.

Specific to Staff

Teachers at St Bede’s College are models of lifelong learning. We value a culture of collegiality, collaboration and support within the College Community to ensure that good teaching is a priority.

Our teaching is informed by and reflects current professional best practice.

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Mentone, Victoria,
Australia 3194

T: 03 9582 5999
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E: stbedes@stbedes.catholic.edu.au