Old Collegians Association

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The purpose of the Old Collegians Association is to sustain a vibrant community of Old Collegians. The focus is on maintaining fellowship between past students, Brothers, teachers and staff to celebrate the past, enjoy the present and shape the future.

Support for the development of current students and the growth of the College is central to the Old Collegians endeavours.

Upon leaving the College, every student  becomes a Member of the Association.

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The aim of the Old Collegians Association is to:

  • maintain contact with former students and forge friendships between former students
  • maintain a network of business and social contacts
  • celebrate the success of past students
  • support current students in their progression through St Bede's, especially those who are financially disadvantaged
  • support the College and its endeavours


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Celebrating the Past

      Enjoying the Present and

              Shaping the Future


2 Mentone Parade,
Mentone, Victoria,
Australia 3194

T: 03 9582 5999
F: 03 9582 5757
E: stbedes@stbedes.catholic.edu.au